At J Martin Indoor Air Quality we offer a “TRUE” Maintenance Plan to take care of your heating and cooling equipment. Are you wondering why we call our maintenance plan a “TRUE” maintenance plan? Well, the answer is simple. Our service technicians are trained in properly testing crucial cooling and heating components like refrigerant levels, electrical output readings, motor amperages, gas manifold pressures as well as your typical equipment cleaning requirements to ensure your system is operating as efficiently as possible. Check out the benefits of a J Martin “True” Maintenance Plan or better known as a TMP:

  • Prevent Premature Failure
  • Help Maximize Energy Efficiencies & Savings
  • Reduce the cost of Untimely Breakdown
  • Continue to Keep Quality Air Filtration throughout the Home or Business
  • In the event that your system is in need of repairs, you will receive Priority Service & Discounted Pricing of all Repairs

Check out some before and after photos of a “True” Maintenance Plan by J Martin: