When you need professional heating services in the Orange County, CA area, J Martin Indoor Air Quality can help. Our heating expertise provides high quality heating installation, repair and maintenance services for furnaces, heat pumps and HVAC systems.

J Martin Indoor Air Quality provides fair, competitive prices for all of our customers! The customer service experience we provide outshines the competition, giving you a satisfactory service experience with each and every job.

Heating Installation

J Martin Indoor Air Quality is dedicated to providing high quality heating installation to all Orange County, CA customers! We take the extra time to ensure that the proper furnace or heat pump is purchased and installed correctly so that you experience maximum comfort and efficiency to meet all your heating needs. Here are some basic furnace terms that our team of professionals will go over with you to ensure that the right system is purchased.

  • AFUE
    This stands “Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency”, which is a basic measurement to determine a gas furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel (gas) to energy (heat). For example, a standard furnace with an 80% AFUE rating converts 80 cents of every $1.00 in energy costs to heat the home.
  • Single Stage Furnace
    A single stage furnace runs at 100% when turned on, and shuts down completely when the rooms desired thermostat temperature is reached.
  • Two Stage Furnace
    A two stage furnace operates at different speeds according to the heating needs in the home. If the home only needs to be warmed a few degrees, the two stage furnace can run at a lower speed, and is therefore more cost effective in accomplishing the desired room temperature.

Heating Repair

When your current heating system is in need of professional repair, let our HVAC professionals have a look. They will be able to diagnose your heating system and isolate the problem. Once isolated, the repair can almost always be made on the spot, resulting in a fast and efficient heating repair.

Heating Maintenance

J Martin Indoor Air Quality can provide routine professional maintenance services designed to prevent your equipment from breaking down in the first place. We recommend a purchasing a bi-annual maintenance plan for servicing all your HVAC needs.

If you live in the Orange County, CA area and are in need of professional heating services, look no further than J Martin Indoor Air Quality, LLC. Our professional HVAC services will have your heating system repaired or installed in no time at all. Contact Us Today!