Quiet Cool Whole House Fans

According to the DOE(Department of Energy), using a QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fan is the most cost-efficient way to cool your home high cost that comes with running your air conditioner. According to the Department of Energy, using a QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fan is the most cost efficient way to cool your home. With easily customizable solutions to fit any home, including garage, attic, and roof fans, it is a must have for ANY homeowner!
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Mitsubishi Ductless Cooling & Heating

Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Splits can offer any home or office room by room control on your heating and cooling needs. hat is why we are experts in ductless mini-split systems. Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Splits can offer any home or office room by room control on your heating and cooling needs. This means instead of cooling the whole house with your all or nothing A/C system, you can just heat or cool the room you are occupying, and that means improved comfort with big utility savings
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Air Conditioning

Whether you are looking to repair your air conditioner, replace your air conditioner or add air conditioning to your home, we specialize in making sure that your air conditioning system will meet the comfort needs of you and your family. We service the Orange County, CA area and proudly provide you with honest and fair, competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and that is what separates J Martin Indoor Air Quality from other HVAC companies.
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Our heating expertise provides high-quality heating installation, repair and maintenance services for furnaces, heat pumps and HVAC systems. J Martin Indoor Air Quality provides fair, competitive prices for all of our customers! The customer service experience we provide outshines the competition, giving you a satisfactory service experience with each and every job.
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Indoor Air Quality & Duct Cleaning

When we install a duct system, our team uses only high-quality materials and custom fits every duct to reduce leakage, ensuring you have the most efficient system available. With the help of our experienced and dedicated technicians, you can be certain that your ducts aren’t lowering the energy efficiency of your home or injecting allergens and bacteria into your air.
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Zoned Systems & Thermostats

AC Zoning offers everyone the ability to create individualized A/C plans for their homes and businesses. With A/C Zoning you can have you’re A/C system provides the exact temperature you need in each room you have. This allows you to maintain perfect temperature in the desired rooms and eliminate the high cost of cooling rooms that do not need to be cooled. Or maybe you need different temperatures in different rooms all year.
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Commercial Heating & AC

Our commercial HVAC technicians have the training, skills, and expertise to ensure that you are able to keep your commercial property as comfortable as possible all year long. Commercial heating and cooling repairs unavoidable. This is why you can trust us to get the job done the right way. We offer a wide range of heating and cooling services to meet all your business air conditioning, heater installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance needs.
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Service work & Maintenance Plans

If it’s repairs, maintenance or quality check-ups on any home cooling and heating appliance, we have qualified and skilled technicians for any of your home cooling/heating needs. If you choose the basic manufacturer warranty to cover your HVAC system, there are no guarantees of same-day repairs. Also, the repairs could potentially cost you much more money above what the warranty covers.
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