What Are the Most Important Rooms to Have an Air Purifier in?

While many people are aware of the problem of outdoor air pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency cautions that the quality of indoor air is often worse. There are several things you can do to address the air quality in your home. Options include keeping your windows open (when possible), using a vacuum with a HEPA-certified filter and placing air purifiers in the rooms where you and your family spend the most time.

The type and number of air purifiers needed will depend on the size of each room as well as the level of contamination in your home. Households with pets or smokers may have different considerations than homes that are pet-free and smoke-free.


Sleep is a time for rejuvenation and healing. Your sleep quality depends, in part, on the air in your bedroom. A quiet air purifier in each bedroom can help ensure a sound, healthy sleep for everyone.

Living Room

Living rooms are the center of a lot of activity, which means that the air can get contaminated by pet dander, personal fragrances, as well as the dirt and dust that gets tracked in from outside. In addition, living rooms often have carpeting, rugs, drapes and upholstered furniture that can become havens for contaminants. Keep your living room fresh and pleasant with an air purifier.

Home Office

If you work from home, pay attention to your workspace air quality. Not only is clean home office air important for health reasons, but it can also impact your work quality. Clean, fresh air can keep your mind sharp and morale high.

Portable air purifiers are not a substitute for a well-maintained HVAC system. They primarily address airborne impurities, which means that you’ll need a different approach to deal with contaminants that are embedded in the furniture or have settled elsewhere in your home.

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