A Guide to Fixing Hot Spots in Your Home

Your cooling system should be able to provide you with maximum comfort by distributing air evenly throughout your home. If you find an area where the temperature is noticeably warmer than the rest of your house, then you may have hot spots. Fortunately, there are a few fixes you can apply to remedy the situation.

Determine the Cause

The cause of the hot spot in your home may be external or originate from within your house. The best course of action is to rule out the simpler causes first. Start by checking to see if the area is warmer than the rest of your home due to the sun. If the hot spot area receives a lot of sun exposure, replace your curtains with ones that are made from a material that reflects sunlight. You may be surprised to find that sunlight alone can drastically increase the temperature in your home.

Unclog or Reroute Ducts as Necessary

Another common cause of hot spots is clogged ductwork. When in the area of the hot spot, check to see if cool air is coming into the room while the AC is running. If not, you may need to have your ducts cleaned or rerouted to accommodate cooling in the specific area.

Install a Zoned Thermostat

A zoned thermostat allows you to assign different temperatures to different zones in your home. This variability gives you the option of adjusting the temperature in the room where the hot spot exists in a colder setting.

Install a Ductless Air Conditioner

If installing a zoned thermostat is too drastic a solution for your needs, you may elect to install a ductless air conditioner. This type of AC does not require any modification to your duct system. Zone thermostats are great for problematic hot spot areas like garages, pantries, and attics.

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